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Portable diagnostics


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Portable point-of-care

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Scase is a diagnostic solution that consists of a portable, point-of-care, medical device combining smart sensors with a digital patient database including reminders, tailor-made questionnaires, measurement and drug-taking plans. The device connects to a digital platform that enables two-way communication, visualization and transmission of patient vital data accessible by a healthcare provider, doctor, patient and relatives.

Current problems during COVID-19 situation:

  • Doctors are worried to examine patients for the possibility of transmitting the infection
  • Patients are worried to visit doctor´s clinic due to the possibility of infection from other patients or doctors
  • Lack of medical intelligent equipment for remote telemonitoring of patients with chronic diseases/post-traumatic accidents
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Software platform

For remote


The Scase Software Platform isn’t just about data visualization and monitoring, it’s about engagement with built in communication tools, management of personalized measurements and many other functions. Additionally, our software automates 95% of note-taking and administrative requirements from outpatients, freeing the care team to spend more time with inpatients.



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The impulse for creating the solution consisted of three important shortcomings that can be found in health care in low- and middle-income countries. Specifically, a noticeable lack of trained medical staff, quality of medical devices and, last but not least, an impractically managed patient database system.

The biggest benefits are all in one device, data digitization, data sharing, portable digital patient database, patient telemonitoring, ease of use and rechargeability. Moreover, the device is water and dust proof, portable, medical certified (MDR) and contains multiple diagnostic sensors that are capable of semi-continuous and simultaneous measurements.

Unique selling proposition thanks to collaboration with UNDP, Strategic investors and partners, Pharma and Medtech companies, Advisors from Scaleups, C-Level support and International pilots at prototype stage. In addition, the solution is exceptional through benefits described in the previous answer.

Scase is designed for medical staff and physicians working in remote areas of low - and middle - income countries. In developed countries our solution has found a place in Oncology clinics, First contact clinics, Nursery Homes or Social Homes / Centers and also in the hands of doctors, nurses and households for telemonitoring patients with chronic diseases, immobile patients or patients after one day surgery.

The complete device, which you can see in the hands of a doctor, in clinics or at homes, is designed by our Scase team in Slovakia and at prototype stage printed using 3D printing technology.

The biggest goal currently is the production of a fully functional and certified device. With Scase, we plan to expand to low– and middle-income countries and collaborate with the government, community health workers programs, NGOs or even Private Clinics. Here we see the use in terms of long-term telemonitoring of patients with various types of diseases. Our goal is also to get to mentioned countries where we would like to set up the headquarters, find distributors of our solution or, ideally, a subsidiary company that would employ more employees in the field of sales, maintenance or supplies chain.

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