Portable diagnostics

accessible to everybody

Portable diagnostics


to everybody


Portable point-of-care

Medical device

Scase is a diagnostic solution that consists of a portable, point-of-care, medical device combining smart sensors with a digital patient database including reminders, tailor-made questionnaires, measurement and drug-taking plans. The device connects to a digital platform that enables two-way communication, visualization and transmission of patient vital data accessible by a healthcare provider, doctor, patient and relatives.

Current problems during COVID-19 situation:

  • Doctors are worried to examine patients for the possibility of transmitting the infection
  • Patients are worried to visit doctor´s clinic due to the possibility of infection from other patients or doctors
  • Lack of medical intelligent equipment for remote telemonitoring of patients with chronic diseases/post-traumatic accidents
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Software platform

For remote


The Scase Software Platform isn’t just about data visualization and monitoring, it’s about engagement with built in communication tools, management of personalized measurements and many other functions. Additionally, our software automates 95% of note-taking and administrative requirements from outpatients, freeing the care team to spend more time with inpatients.