S-Case acquires investment from the Czech company bpd partners a.s.


S-Case acquires investment from the Czech company bpd partners a.s.

Bratislava, September 9th

Founders of S-Case announced a partnership with the Czech family office bpd partners. The investment in the start-up of S-Case will be made through the subsidiary BTCZ Ventures, which manages start-up acquisitions for bpd partners. This investment is intended to help S-Case which is developing a comprehensive solution for the possible future of healthcare, primarily in acquiring additional partners. The new start-up in the field of telemedicine will enable medical staff to directly monitor the development of their patients’ health. A common goal is to launch an interesting, innovative product on the international market and gain new partners in the next round of funding, which will take place at the end of September of the current year.

“Within bpd partners, we have a great experience with the support of interesting and perspective projects, and technological solution offered by S-Case it´s not only promising but pioneering in many aspects,” says Pavel Brůžek, CEO of BTCZ Ventures and Chairman of the Board of Directors of bpd partners. “We feel a chance to be at the very beginning of practical telemedicine, the next step in providing quality and affordable healthcare. We were interested in such a connection of technology in a portable device with an advanced software solution that connects the patient with the doctor without the need for direct contact. As in the case of the establishment of our company My Clinic, we also perceive the importance of improving healthcare. The solution developed by colleagues from S-Case could be an important step towards ensuring that healthcare is available even for people who, for a variety of reasons, don’t have easy access to their doctor, ambulance or hospital. We wish our colleagues from S-Case a successful start and we believe that our investment will help them break through with such an exceptional product, ” adds Pavel Brůžek.

Scase is one of the few solutions on the market that combines measurement of the patient’s vital functions utilizing several sensors (IR thermometer, pulse oximeter, glucometer, blood pressure monitor) and communication between the doctor and the patient at a distance. To do this, it uses the information and data obtained from patient questionnaires, which it processes in its own medical Scase platform. It thus represents a comprehensive solution that provides patients with comfort within the framework of remote monitoring of their health condition. Advanced telemedicine allows the doctor to remotely check the patient’s health. The technology reduces healthcare costs and increases health protection from extremely contagious diseases such as SARS-CoV-2.

“Cooperation with such a successful partner as bpd partners a.s. encourages the whole team looking forward. We appreciate the trust that bpd partners has placed in us and the support that will allow us to bring the Scase solution to the global market among our own users, build long-term collaborations with international organizations and hospitals, and improve healthcare around the world, ” says CEO and Co-founder of S-Case, Martin Pekarčík.

The company received ISO 13485 certification in July this year, declaring its position as a manufacturer and distributor of medical devices on the international market and is currently on track to obtain the CE MARK, which confirms its place on the market of medical solutions.

The origin for the production of a diagnostic solution can be traced back to many discussions with doctors and medical staff. In addition, the motivation or starting with development itself consisted of three important shortcomings that can be found in healthcare of emerging economies. In particular, a noticeable lack of trained medical staff, low quality of medical devices and, last but not least, an impractically managed patient database system.

The fast growing 17-member team has successfully collaborated with UNDP, SlovakAid and EIT Health. Within these projects, the company managed to hand over the solution to private clinics or non-profit organizations, which, through Scase, were able to speed up and streamline the diagnosis of patients, detect white coat syndrome, acute hypertension and many other diagnoses. In addition to foreign cooperation, Scase has also established itself on the domestic market, where it is used, for example, in the Slovak hospital in Kysuce to monitor patients hospitalized with COVID-19 and also in the internal medicine departments. The project has also participated in several regional and local competitions in the past. It is worth mentioning Vodafone – Idea of the Year 2020, where Scase won the award of Technology Project of the Year, participation in the GE Healthcare accelerator, or the award within the Healthcare Lab organized by Roche and Civitta.

The Scase solution is currently in the pilot phase and is in high demand. The company managed to conclude cooperations worth more than 300 000€ last year. The use of Scase can currently be seen in multiple directions. The most common case is remote monitoring of patients with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus type I. and II., COVID-19 or post COVID-19 syndrome or patients after one-day surgeries. Scase has proven to be a practical helper, digital and portable database and diagnostic solution in countries such as Albania and North Macedonia. Thanks to the solution, mobile outpatient units do not have to carry separate diagnostic devices, record medical data on paper and can provide effective diagnostics to a larger population that they would not otherwise reach precisely because of the distance from the attending physician.


Founded in 2019 by Martin Pekarčík, the company was established as a start-up developing a diagnostic and portable solution that combines not only intelligent sensors (IR thermometer, pulse oximeter, glucometer, blood pressure monitor) but also provides effective health management through a digital, medical platform. The solution, which is being developed by experts from the worlds of medicine, health technologies and management, is part of several international pilot projects developing the need for telemedicine and primary health care. Find out more at www.scase.io.

bpd partners a BTCZ Ventures

bpd partners a.s. is a family office managing investments by Vasil Bobela, Jan Dobrovský and Petr Pudil in the field of renewable energy sources, real estate development, chemical industry, healthcare and a number of startup projects focused on biotechnology, medicine and other technologies. BTCZ Ventures s.r.o. is a company founded by the bpd partners group and the B3 Holding company of the Brůžek family with the aim of investing together in interesting start-up projects in the field of biotech and medtech. More at www.bpdpartners.cz.

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